Shared Soul Retrieval:
Shamanic Healing in Psyberspace

by Maureen B. Roberts, PhD ['The Dark' Nathair]


For the past year, during two days each week, at set times I offer online shamanic healing. At the site I work from, I invite any who wish to participate to place one hand against their computer screen, the other over the heart chakra, then to open themselves, perhaps through journeying through the imagination, to whatever happens. I have never questioned the efficacy of this path of interventional healing, since I personally know no barriers to shamanic journeying and always feel immediately present to the folk I'm journeying for and/or with, regardless of where they are in space-time. Time also poses no barrier to shamanic work, since folk who have tuned into the site at odd hours before or after I've "been" there, have still correlated what happened for them with what I experienced on their behalf. This ability to move between time and timelessness arises from the shamanic power to access multiple selves, some of whom work in Kronos, or linear time, while others work both in and out of linear time, and still others transcend chronological time, existing in the Kairos of sacred space-time in shamanic Otherworlds.

Sometimes I receive a particular request and spend some time before the actual online sessions in connecting and communing via trance-drumming with the soul-essence of the person concerned. I then establish his/her presence with me through journeying through psyberspace - often experienced as tunnelling and changing direction rapidly through resonating wires and across flashing, coloured circuits - until I meet up with the person's soul-essence, then soul-bonding with him/her just before I begin the session. The latter is achieved with the help of my Child deity, Aaivan, who weaves a rainbow bridge between myself and the person by cross-linking us at the seven coloured chakra levels. My guide through psyberspace is usually my Trickster deity, Terragian, whose mercurial character is at home anywhere, and who thrives on exploring new vistas and tunnelling into parallel realities.

Of course the real test of the efficacy of this mode of healing is in the results. Happily, I've received only positive feedback from these sessions, from folk all over the world. Quite often when we've compared notes afterwards, a person and I will discover that we've journeyed to the same place and have encountered or enacted similar retrieval events, which have included setting trapped or imprisoned guides or soul-aspects free, reuniting folk with their lost soul-fragment, animal guides or other soul-guides, leading souls out of danger or imprisoning darkness, resurrecting dead soul-fragments, and undergoing healing, re-energising or protecting rituals.

A bit about shamanism: shamans are an 'elect' who have access, via ecstatic trance and direct communion with their personal gods and guides, to regions of the sacred inaccessible to other members of the community. They are thus relatively scarce individuals who not only have responded to a personal call received in dreams and/or by election of an elder shaman, but also have endured alone a psychologically shattering and wounding crisis of ritual death and rebirth in order to baptise, refine and verify their healing powers.

Sometimes this initiation is akin to a schizophrenic crack-up, or voluntary psychosis through which the potential shaman falls into the collective unconscious, turns totally inward, confronts the powerful archetypal forces there, and must free and heal him/herself from these awesome energies, largely through befriending and partially integrating them, in order to become an authoritive and powerful soul guide in these realms. The shaman, because s/he 'knows the road', can lead or escort another soul through these Otherworlds of vision and power.

Shamans are Wounded Healers who act as mediators between the Worlds, as interpreters of spirit realms. Through the shaman's power of ecstatic trance, the horizons of experience - and hence of approaches to healing - are extended through altered states of consciousness upward and downward to seemingly limitless reaches. Shamans commune and work directly with their guides, gods and animal helpers, asking their advice and following their lead into Overworld, World, or Underworld realms in order to understand and cooperate with the awesome forces of mind and Nature. They find, win, and return with their own unique storehouse of imaginative techniques and wisdom, from which they can with authority draw healing resources, for all who need them, at will. Shamans also journey through trance into Otherworlds to find and retrieve lost souls, or split off fragments thereof.

In shamanic work I commune closely with my totem Serpent, Prana-Nathair, who explores and diagnoses illnesses and energy blockages, and offers remedies and oracular guidance. Other guides I work with closely include Black Elk (to whom I became betrothed in a Dream), the Sun (from whom I direct shamanic fire and heat), a Wolf, a Sea Eagle, a Trickster deity, a Shark, twin cats, a Whale, and a Sacred Child. Shamanic drumming and chanting also heals through helping re-establish a harmonic resonance between physical and psychological centres of the personality.

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