Shamanic Healing & Soul Retrieval

by 'the Dark' Nathair

11-11:30am (Adelaide, South Australian time) on Fridays and Saturdays



Healing knows no bounds where no boundaries exist. In the shamanic Cosmos all is alive, resonant and interconnected within the Grand Web of the One all-pervasive Energy. Through shamanic ecstasy, all time is accessible from the present, and all space, including psyberspace, is navigable and infused with consciousness.

Inspired by shaman Don Pedro, who pioneered online shamanic healing, from 11-11:30am on Fridays and Saturdays I direct shamanic drum healing with the aid of my guides toward any who wish to receive it through the Internet. To connect with this energy, place one hand facing close to your screen and the other hand over your heart. Open the doors of your vision, intuition, feeling and imagination to whatever healing the Cosmos wishes to give you. Alternatively, if you have a specific request for healing (which can be offered at any mutually convenient time), feel free to contact me.

Private healing sessions begin with a cleansing ritual. Usually white sage is used to ‘smudge’ drums, feathers, sticks, rattle, bells, stones, animal skins, and whatever else is used in the work. Candles are lit and Four Guardians, usually two deities and two power animals, are invited (deities), or evoked (animals) - through drumming, chanting and ritual movement - to stand at the Four Directions and form a protective ‘temenos’ square. Then the journeying begins. In one-to-one soul retrieval work, captured soul parts, reclaimed energies and retrieved potential (sometimes personified as embryos, lost animals, babies, various body organs, or unwanted children) are often placed, or blown gently into stones, shells, wood wombs, or holding crystals, then later posted to those for whom the work has been done. Web-weaving (see below) is sometimes used in soul retrieval work. Oracular guidance and remedies for sickness are usually offered by my totem Serpent, Nathair, or by shamanic deities Aaivan (Child Eternal) and Terragian (Cosmic Fool/Mercurius).



Flame to flame, flame to water,
water to air, air to stars, stars to earth,
Earth to Centre, Above to Below,
anguish to ek-stasis
In Unio Mystica, Circle without end
Fire defend you
Earth sustain you
Water cleanse you
Air inspire you
Blessings from Within the Threefold Seynlight of Andemar




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