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Welcome to Jung Circle, a temenos, or Sacred Sphere in which we celebrate the holistic vision of C.G.Jung; a place where anything can happen and where Mercurius reigns supreme.

What our age most needs is a rediscovery of the life, boundlessness, and sacredness of the psyche, and a renewed honour for the gods who inform it and speak to us through our dreams, our lives, our loved ones, gifts and wounds, and through the boundless realms of the imaginal. Here we offer what will hopefully be welcomed as some food for soul, mind and imagination, so pull up a log, refill your tankards, and join us around the fire!



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Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.   ~ Joseph Campbell

"I have no judgment about myself and my life. There is nothing I am quite sure about. I have no definite convictions - not about anything, really. I know only that I was born and exist, and it seems that I have been carried along. I exist on the foundation of something I do not know. In spite of all uncertainties, I feel a solidity underlying all existence and a continuity in my mode of being."

- C. G. Jung


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