Tolkien Quiz

by Maureen B. Roberts


(based on The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, and on biographic details of Tolkien's life)

1. Name the members of the Company of the Ring

2. On which date was Bilbo and Frodo's birthday celebrated?

3. Who was Mithrandir and what does the name mean?

4. Who was the lord of the Valar and over what did he rule?

5. In 1924 Tolkien became Professor of English Language at which University?

6. Who dwelt at Isengard?

7. How many Great Rings were there?

8. How many Silmarils were there?

9. Whose mushrooms did Frodo steal when he was a young hobbit?

10. Who was innkeeper of The Prancing Pony?

11. Whom did the Ents call the Tree-killer?

12. Which elves were the first to be seen by Sam?

13. What did local people commonly call the farm of Tolkien's Aunt Jane?

14. What was Isildur's Bane?

15. Who in The Hobbit partook in 'Riddles in the Dark'?

16. Name the two sons of Elrond and Celebrian

17. Name 2 participants other than the Fellowship of the Ring at the Council of Elrond

18. Who helped Eowyn defeat the Lord of the Nazgul?

19. Name the former pupil of Tolkien who first published The Lord of the Rings

20. Which god or Valar rules the seas?

21. Who cut the Ruling Ring from Sauron's hand?

22. Who was Elessar?

23. Wormtongue was the nickname of whom?

24. Who accompanied Legolas into Fangorn forest?

25. Who sang of "western lands beneath the sun" and where was it sung?

26. Where did Eowyn and Faramir meet?

27. What is the name of Aragorn's sword?

28. Whom among the Valar did the Elves most revere and why?

29. What was a Warg?

30. Who was the spouse of Galadriel?

31. In what year was Tolkien made a CBE?

32. Where did Gandalf do battle with the Balrog?

33. Over whom in The Lord of the Rings did the Ruling Ring have no power?

34. Who followed the Company of the Ring down the Great River?

35. Who was the Necromancer and who drove him out of Mirkwood?

36. Of which substance was Frodo's mailcoat made?

37. Who was Melkor?

38. Which Oxford college did Tolkien attend as an undergraduate?

39. To which Elven race did Legolas belong?

40. Who is Iluvatar?

41. Who created the Three Silmarils?

42. Under what name did Frodo travel?

43. What was Longbottom Leaf?

44. Who was Goldberry?

45. Who was the son of Beren and Luthien?

46. With what weapon were Hobbits particularly skilled?

47. What gift did Galadriel give to Gimli?

48. Who among the Valar is the Weaver?

49. What were moon-letters and who invented them?

50. Where were the Elven King's Halls?

51. Who were the Istari?

52. Who created the dwarves?

53. Where did Gollum live in The Hobbit?

54. What was the name of Tolkien's wife and with which character in his mythology did he identify her?

55. Who was the only Hobbit to become a Knight of Rohan?

56. Which 3 Old English poems did Tolkien translate and publish?

57. Who and what was Ungoliant?

58. Whither did the Grey Ship sail?

59. Name two Elvish languages

60. The Hobbits' system of measuring time was called the Shire Reckoning. What event marked the beginning of this system?

61. Who is Mandos?

62. Who was the daughter of King Thingol Greycloak and and Melian the Maia?

63. From which Tree of Valinor were the stars and Moon made?

64. Tolkien attempted but never completed a long poem based on the legends of King Arthur. What was its title?

65. Who was Lord of the Eagles?

66. For whom did Tolkien write The Father Christmas Letters?

67. Who or what was Nenya?

68. Whom among the Elves was known as 'The Shipwright'?

69. Under what title would Tolkien have preferred The Hobbit to be published?

70. Which colour of horse was scarce in Rohan at the time of the War of the Ring and why?

71. Which 'art' or skill was invented by Hobbits?

72. In 1932 Tolkien wrote a children's story about a tall thin man and his adventures in his bright yellow car. What was the title of this story?

73. How many Black Riders were there?

74. Where do Manwe and Varda live?

75. What was the Arkenstone?

76. Name the Three Kindreds of the Elves

77. Who was Bregelad?

78. What was a 'mathom'?

79. Name Gandalf's (a)horse and (b)sword

80. How many Valar were there?

81. Tolkien began a sequel to LOTR which he abandoned after a few pages. What was the name of this?

82. Who stole a Silmaril from Morgoth's Iron Crown?

83. Name Galadriel's daughter and grand-daughter

84. Who did the character Trotter turn out to be?

85. Who made the Two Trees of Valinor, Laurelin and Telperion?

86. Of which Oxford College did Tolkien become a Fellow in 1945?

87. On what did Tolkien write the first line of The Hobbit?

88. What was the name of Sam's pony and who was its previous owner?

89. Who was Boromir's (a)brother and (b)father?

90. Name the language of the Dwarves

91. Who among the Valar continually mourns?

92. Who, together with his ship and a Silmaril, was turned into a star?

93. With which character did Tolkien personally identify?

Tolkien Quiz Answers:

1. Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Merry, Pippin, Sam, Frodo
2. 22nd September
3. Gandalf; the name means 'grey pilgrim'
4. Manwe; he rules over winds, air, clouds and birds
5. Leeds
6. Saruman the White, of the Istari
7. 20 (9 for Men, 7 for Dwarves, 3 for Elves, 1 to rule)
8. 3
9. Farmer Maggot's
10. Barliman Butterbur
11. Saruman
12. Those in the company of Gildor
13. Bag End
14. The Ruling Ring
15. Bilbo and Gollum
16. Elladan and Elrohim
17. Elrond, Erestor, Glorfindel, Galdor, Bilbo and Gloin
18. The hobbit Merry
19. Rayner Unwin
20. Ulmo, Lord of Waters, who is next in power to Manwe
21. Isildur
22. Aragorn; the name means 'elf-stone', which was set in an emerald brooch given him by Arwen Evenstar
23. Grima, counsellor to Theoden
24. Gimli the Dwarf
25. Frodo, as he lay captive of the Orcs in Mordor
26. Minas Tirith House of Healing
27. Anduril
28. Elbereth (Varda), spouse of Manwe and creator of the stars, beneath which the Elves first awoke
29. Wargs were evil wolves of Rhovanion, allies of the Orcs and servants of Sauron
30. Celeborn the Wise
31. 1972
32. Khazad-dum
33. Tom Bombadil
34. Gollum
35. Sauron; the White Council (Galadriel, Elrond, Cirdan and the Wizards) drove him out
36. mithril
37. Originally the mightiest of the Valar, Melkor (= 'He who arises in might') became Morgoth, Dark Enemy of the World, after falling 'through arrogance to contempt for all things save himself . . .'
38. Exeter
39. Sindarin (Woodland Elves)
40. Eru, the One, Creator of Middle Earth (Arda)
41. Feanor of the Noldor
42. Mr Underhill
43. A variety of pipeweed smoked by hobbits
44. Daughter of the River-woman of the Withywindle
45. Dior
46. The bow
47. Some strands of her golden hair
48. Vaire of the Valier, spouse of Mandos
49. They were runes created by the Dwarves and written with a silver pen; they were visible only when a moon of the same shape and season as existed when they were written shone on them
50. In north-east Mirkwood near the forest river
51. The Istari were 5 or more beings sent by the Valar to unite the free peoples in the struggle against Sauron. (They were Valar 'of a sort', according to Tolkien)
52. Aule of the Valar, spouse of Yavanna
53. On an island in the middle of an underground lake beneath the Misty Mountains
54. Edith Bratt (Luthien Tinuviel)
55. Merry Brandybuck
56. Orfeo, Pearl, and Sir Gawain & the Green Knight
57. Otherwise known as (the giant spider) Shelob, Ungoliant (S. = 'spider') may have been a Maiar corrupted by Morgoth. She helped destroy the Two Trees of Valinor
58. Across the Western Seas to the Undying Lands
59. Quenya and Sindarin
60. The first crossing of the Brandywine River
61. The Doomsman of the Valar, Mandos keeps the Houses of the Dead and knows all fates within the Great Music
62. Luthien Tinuviel
63. Telperion
64. The Fall of Arthur
65. Thorondor (S. 'eagle-high'). He rescued Beren and Luthien from Angband
66. His four children
67. Nenya was the second of the three rings of Elves. It represented the water element, bore a white stone set in mithril, and was worn by Galadriel
68. Cirdan of the Sindar
69. There and Back Again
70. Black. Sauron ordered the Orcs to take them for his use
71. The smoking of pipeweed
72. Mr Bliss
73. Nine Nazgul (= servants of Sauron). 3 were men of Numenor
74. In their Halls on Taniquetil, the highest mountain of Arda, in Aman on the borders of the Sea. Taniquetil is also called Oiolosse, Amon Uilos, Mount Everwhite, the Holy Mountain' from Q. 'tar' =high/'ninque' =white/'til' =point or peak
75. A great white jewel found by Thrain 1, the Arkenstone was the greatest treasure of the dwarf kings of Erebor (Durin's folk). It was found by Bilbo in the dragon Smaug's lair and buried with the Dwarf Thorin Oakenshield
76. The Vanyar, the Noldor and the Teleri
77. An ent (Bregelad = S. 'swift-tree') who cared for rowans
78. A name given by Hobbits to unwanted objects they were loth to throw away
79. Shadowfax & Glamdring (S.'foe-hammer')
80. Fourteen
81. The New Shadow
82. Beren & Luthien
83. Celebrian and Arwen
84. Aragorn
85. Yavanna, second greatest of the Valier (Q. 'fruit-giver'), spouse of Aule
86. Merton
87. On the blank page of an exam paper he was marking
88. Bill/Bill Ferny of Bree
89. Faramir/Denethor
90. Khuzdul
91. Nienna, sister of Mandos and Lorien
92. Earendil (Q. 'sea-lover'), a mortal who married Elwing
93. Beren, hero and Elf-friend

Artwork: "Shady Grove" and "Three Worlds" c. Bill Beaumont

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