Myths, Tales & Poems
for the Jung at Heart

original works by Jung Circle members and guests.


Mike Dickman poems

Poems from "The Delicate Stallions" by Robert Champ

 Excerpt from Seeking the God of Ecstasy: A Spiritual Journey of Sexual Awakening
by Melina Costello

Tolkien Quiz by Maureen B. Roberts

Ariadne a story by Cailean Darkwater

Poems & Word Pictures by Freeman Lewis Newhall

Broken Chains a story by Stewart Wymer

The Aunt's Tale A whale of a yarn by Maureen B. Roberts ["The Dark" Nathair]

Five Females A Twilight Zone(-ish) Oz tale of Dark Designs by S. Jaide Vardrewan

Humourous Poems for the Jung at Heart by P.D. Melomorte

The Old Man of North Neck by Jim Woodgate

Song of the Snake-Skinned Shaman by "The Dark" Nathair






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