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Jung Circle began (in November 1997) in response to what I felt as a need and desire to offer an alternative to certain Jungian discussion lists that were - at least in my experience and perception of them - all too often dominated by cerebral, or purely theoretical input, reductionist assumptions, and/or shadow-fuelled aggression, hence lacking in the sense of personal sharing which can thrive only when grounded in the mutual respect and encouragement of contributors' individually unique gifts, experiences, typologies and visions. Jung Circle, I hoped, would offer folk an opportunity to share Jung's vision and their own dreams and reflections in a more soulful and imaginative atmosphere that, again in my view, is more in keeping with the spirit of Jung's own humility, generosity of heart and mind, and overwhelming emphasis on the immediate experience of the Tao of Nature, to which the unconscious and the psyche in general belong.

I, for one, am continually enriched, enchanted and entertained by the wealth of insights and broad spectrum of folk who contribute to the list, either as a steady fall of rain, or as meteors and comets that streak across our screens and leave a trail of soul-sparks in their wake as they move on to other horizons. Certainly the logs and sticks that have been tossed into the fire well illustrate the truth that there's literally no theme or fact known to us that cannot be fruitfully explored from a Jungian angle .




Discussions, Dreams, Reflections 2nd November - 31st December 1997

Here you'll find a wealth of insights and angles on all sorts of issues, from senex to puer, qualia to fractals, schizophrenia to imagination . . .

Dreams, Visions & Reflections: January 1998

Here you will find some original personal and ‘Big’ dream material recounted and reflected on from a variety of angles

Discussions: February 1998

A mixed bag of sticks on divination, spiders, curved space, acorn theory and mandalas

 Discussions & Dreams: March 1998

Science, synchronicity, shamanism, movies, and dealing with fear are some of the themes explored here.

Discussions & Dreams: April 1998

Taoism and DNA, archetypes and science fiction, Titanic and Tarot, Puer and causality, and Jung's Answer to Job ignite some of the logs tossed in here.

Dreams & Discussions: May 1998

The fire dances here with discussions of esoteric wisdom and Eros, Aboriginal leg-crossing, the Fifth Element, colour and creativity, meditation and individuation, typologies, and Persephonic descents to Hell

Dreams & Discussions: June 1998

To illustrate how we can discuss anything from a Jungian angle, here are some playful reflections on Salome and blindness, anorexia, snake energy, zodiacal myths, being a bottle rack, the Wounded Healer, Shiva and sexuality

Dreams & Reflections: July 1998

Toast your marshmallows to musings on God, dreams of Jung, spirit and ‘mater’, Sphere (the movie), the World Tree, the shadow (as usual), astrology & the Aquarian Age, sleep & the Benzene Ring . . .

Discussions & Dreams: August 1998

Snap your sticks to speculations on Achilles’ heel, Dark City (the movie), Tarot, more Jung dreams, Phil Farmer, darkness and sol niger, blindness and dreams . . .

Dreams & Discussions: September 1998



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