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Artwork by Gary Brumley

mike dickman's MIST


Alice O. Howell: CREDO, Poems , The Web in the Sea, The Beejum Book

Articles on depth psychology and more by M. Winther

Yantra  An exploration By SAMTEN DE WET

mike dickman "An Interview With A Parisian Hermetic Translator"

Phoebe Wray 

Four Circles

The Home Page of Marilyn Geist
"My pages are an ongoing process of (virtual!) active imagination, with associative links to many images. There are also a variety of Jungian resources, places to play, stories, and visual treats. I have included an original fairy tale, and plan to add other material." Academy of Ancient Texts

Celestial Chessworks

John Lopker's film in homage to Blake Tyger Tyger Harvest Moon.

ART VISIONARY is the international printed journal from Melbourne, Australia. Featuring art of the fantastic, visionary and surreal. Art from the inner realm.

"The Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (IGAP), United Kingdom"
United Kingdom based group of Jungian analysts offering analysis, psychotherapy, and supervision. The group sponsors a public education programme and a low cost Clinic. The site lists publications by members and contains links to other interesting sites.

Fundación C.G.Jung de Psicología Analítica de la Rep. Argentina
First organization created, under the laws of our country, to spread C.G.Jung's thought.

Bill Beaumont's Gallery
All raytraced mathematical models on this website are c.W. P Beaumont 1994-8 and have been included with the kind permission of the artist. If you'd like to find out which images have come from Bill's Gallery and would like to know more about how he creates them using visual modelling techniques, please visit his site.

Archetypal Worlds of the Zodiac Hacker.
"Astrology with an Archetypal Twist. Sound like a cocktail? Well, this tasty (but dangerously addictive) beverage is irreverent, tart, humorous and leaves you with a major thirst for more! One of the select few "archetypal" astrology web sites where Jung is actually quoted and discussed."

Dreams of Great Earth Changes
This site concerns "Big Dreams," those that seem to be messages for greater humanity, rather than solely for the individual dreamer. It branches out to other related areas, such as crop circle formations, UFOs/ETs, meaningful coincidences or synchronicity, prophecy, myths, religions and positive co-creation. We feel that messages are coming from many sources concerning a great world transformation and we are looking for help from others who are willing to share their dreams and ideas.

CGJUNG PAGE The Jung Page was founded in 1995 to encourage new psychological ideas and conversations about what it means to be human in our time and place...

Dream Network
A Journal Exploring Dreams & Myth

Mythopoeic Society

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